About us

MARLIN was founded in 1982 by Dr. Lucio Pesle as Rosandra snc.

In 1992, following the increase in company size and sales volumes, it moved to the current factory and took the name of MARLIN srl. Marlin has always been synonymous with innovation and quality in the field of antifouling and nautical paint products. Care in the development of products with maximum attention to quality and environmental impact; attention to customer service; the great flexibility given by the family dimension of the company have always been the strengths of MARLIN.
MARLIN is highly specialized in and production of antifouling paints. The resources are focused on the research and development of antifoulings with minimum environmental impact and maximum effectiveness.

MARLIN is the market leader with VELOX PLUS antifouling for propellers and sterndrives, successfully exported all over the world and considered one of the best propeller antifoulings on the market. It was among the first companies to propose a silicone-based biocide-free antifouling for the nautical market, already in 1997. In 2008 it introduced IDRON, a solvent-free water-based antifouling, with lower environmental impact and safer for the applicator. In 2012, it launched a copper-free water-based antifouling dedicated to the protection of fishfinder transducers. Today he continues his research to develop a complete line of water-based products to reduce the use of solvents and emissions. It also produces a complete range of nautical paints: enamels, protective, anticorrosive, primers, teak products, epoxy filler and much more.


MARLIN has a modern factory, equipped with automated equipment and machinery. Great attention is paid to the quality of the products and their quality control. MARLIN annually invests significant resources to improve the quality of the products and services offered, efforts repaid with excellent market feedback and continuous expansion both in Italy and abroad.


Environment and occupational safety are top priorities for MARLIN. All processes take place in a closed cycle, recovering all washing solvents and disposing of only the minimum necessary. Every year thanks to the improvements made to the production cycles, the waste disposed of decreases despite the constant increase in the volume produced.
Furthermore, MARLIN is committed to researching environmentally friendly products, evaluating the environmental impact of each raw material used and carefully analyzing the available scientific studies.


MARLIN has a modern laboratory equipped with all the necessary instruments to develop and test new products. It is the heart of the plant, where new products and new antifoulings are born. The search for innovative solutions with minimal environmental impact is the main objective of Marlin.


Antifouling paints are the strong point of MARLIN, which has always offered innovative and diversified solutions. Every year all the most advanced materials available on the market are tried and tested. Hundreds of new formulations are placed in the sea to verify their effectiveness, compared to the best solutions on the market to verify the quality of the products. Those that give the best results are then tested on numerous boats in different parts of Europe, and if they are successful they are then placed on the market.