MARLIN Yacht Paints has always specialized in the production of antifoulings for any type of boat or use. It is important to choose the right antifouling for your needs, which can depend on many factors such as the waters in which you are stationed, the frequency of use, the speed of the boat, the material of the hull or the part to be protected, the length of stay at sea.

Multi-season antifoulings

The most popular antifoulings with the highest concentration of active ingredients, for optimal effectiveness in all situations and up to 24 months (applying at least three coats).

Specific antifoulings for special applications

Specific antifoulings for particular boats (aluminum hulls or inflatables) or metal parts (propellers, stern-drives, shafts, trim tabs).

Water based antifouling

MARLIN has developed a range of water-based, virtually solvent-free antifoulings suitable for those who care about the environment.

Seasonal antifouling

Antifouling with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. For optimum efficiency for up to 12 months, recommended for those keeping the boat at sea for up to a year.